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1Important Forum Rules on Tue Jul 03, 2012 5:58 pm


Hello Users!

Please make sure you read this post carefully, and make sure you follow all the rules so that you're not banned.

Homework help is a free website that offers help, but not direct answers to homework questions. Help will be given through techniques on how to answer questions and solve problems. Homework Help's mission is to help you get a better understanding of what you are learning. Since we are run by a volunteer community, giving answers is not required. Your question may be turned down if it is inappropriate for the forum, or if you are suspected of cheating. Not all questions will receive answers. Giving as much detail in your question will give a better chance of receiving an answer.

Warnings and Bans:

Warnings on this forum give you 4 opportunities before you're banned. You will be warned 4 times and then banned*. You may create one more account if you've been banned, however it will have a one-strike rule, where if you're warned on your second account you will be instantly banned. You can find the rules for the forum below!


When registering please keep in-mind that inappropriate usernames will be instantly banned without warning. You should also keep in mind that your username is changeable by request to staff, and you can change it a maximum of three times before.


Spamming along with other types of it, such as flooding and repeating messages is not allowed, and will result in a warning and/or an official warning (that will count against you).

Profanity is frowned upon and depending on the situation may result in a warning from a staff member.

Your topic titles should be as precise and to the point as you can get them. Topics without explicit titles may be asked to change by staff members.

Colors and bold text are reserved for staff member use only. Your topic will be edited and you will be reminded not to use it. Multiple offences could warrant a warning.

Advertising is not welcomed except for in the appropriate thread found in advertising your forum. You can make a proposal there.

* If you are advertising, or spam advertising, you will be banned without warning, and are NOT welcome back if your soul purpose is to advertise. Don't be surprise to see your IP Banned.


- 5 messages must be posted before being able to send anyone a private message.
- This theme is custom designed by drogba921. It is NOT allowed to be copied.

Thank you for taking the time to read our rules.

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